Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Hallway update

It was time to update our “Art Gallery” hallway. 

All our kid’s art was nice, but I wanted an Elegant Modern look.

Vision Board

We added thin plywood and trim to our doors to cover some of the damage caused by kids and dogs, then painted them semi gloss black (3 coats).

We spackled, sanded, and painted all the walls gray.
I chose a bright white for the trim and moldings for a bold contrast, and to make the walls and doors pop.

I converted our Lack storage units into a padded storage bench, and added some decorative pillows

I mounted 6 Ikea Trones Storage cabinets to the wall under the picture frames collage. I placed a long piece of fiberboard, that I cut and painted white, on top of it to serve as a counter top for the decorative accents and my samurai sword.

I made another picture collage for the stairway.  

I mounted a full length mirror and small vase with flowers on the floor at the top of the stairs.

Finally we added an 5 spotlight ceiling light fixture to replace the old dim 1 bulb one.

We are very happy with our updated Elegant hallway

Click here for more pictures

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Lack Storage Bench Hack

I decided to update my hallway so I converted my Lack Storage unit into a seating bench.

First I removed the top panel and inner shelf dividers. 
I left the bottom panel attached to the lower unit.

I made "doors" to cover the front openings out of Fiberboard, painted them white, and attached them  using self closing cabinet hinges.


 I then laid the fabric face down over the bench
 used 1/2" thick foam padding and folded it over so there were 4 layers

I laid the original top panel of the unit over it all

stretched the fabric up and over the edges, and used a staple gun to attach them to the panel

I flipped it over and aligned it with the base.

Since the opening in the back can be seen from the stairwell, I stapled fabric to cover it up

Added some decorative pillows.... DONE!