Sunday, April 30, 2017

Lorenzo's Bedroom 2017 Update

My son's room (roughly 9 ½ x 10), has a queen sized bed, closet desk, some storage stools, and 2 horizontally stacked lack units with bins as his clothing storage. Gray walls, and Blue and Green accent colors. 

I sat down with him and asked what he wanted to update:

-Dark Gray walls
-More clothing storage, with traditional sized drawers, without sacrificing floor space and his queen sized bed.
-Graffiti and urban decor

We made a vision board

We painted all the walls a dark gray and all the trim a bright white. I purchased a queen platform bed with 12 standard sized drawers in the base that provides ample storage, and placed the head of the bed on the largest wall with a large graffiti mural over it. 

For additional storage and "night stands" we used a total of 12 Ikea Trones storage units around the walls and flanking the bed and placed fiberboard that I cut and painted white, on top of it to serve as a counter tops. We mounted the floating shelves on both walls perpendicular to the graffiti mural. I painted the door black and mounted a mirror and over the door basketball hoop.

We painted the closet desk walls all black, and added turntable decals to the custom built desktop. For lighting I hung string lights around the inner door frame and ceiling of the closet, along with a desk lamp, and mounted the TV on that wall over the desk. I purchased a black leather and chrome bench for seating and shoe storage, and place the drum set in the corner to the left of the desk.
 I used a pleated window shade that allows light to filter through.



Sunday, April 23, 2017

Sabby's Bedroom Update 2016

Floor Plan

My daughter's room (roughly 7  x 11 ) with a large window, double sliding door closet, and the entry door all on different walls. She has a daybed, a desk, a lack storage unit, and 2 large pieces (drawers chest and armoire) from her original nursery furniture as her clothing storage. 

Paisley prints, Turquoise walls and bright colored accents.

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I sat down with her and asked what she wanted to update:

-Colorful Floral Wall paper, white walls
-Reading nook
-Closet Desk
-More clothing storage, with traditional sized drawers

We made a vision board and new layout

We kept the daybed in the same spot and the new Ikea Malm dresser on the wall across form the bed with the TV mounted over it. I added Overlays on the top row and diamond hardware to the 2 bottom rows of drawers. There is not enough room for a reading nook so I purchased a hanging chair and placed it next to the bed  where the desk used to be with a bright pink round shag rug under it. We purchased a colorful floral wall paper for the walls across the bed, closet and where the hanging chair is. The wall where the bed and windows are were painted white.  I hung various picture frames, signs, and ceramic flowers over the bed to create a colorful collage. We pulled everything out of the closet, painted it all black, and built a custom shelf and desk with graphic and glass top in the closet.  I added a strip of the colorful wallpaper under the shelf over the desk, and for lighting I hung string lights around the inner door frame and ceiling of the closet, along with a desk lamp. I mounted 2 Ikea Tornes storage unites and a rolling cart for her art supplies under the desk. I painted her door black and mounted a mirror and geometric animal door hooks. I used pleated window shades that allows light to filter through and mounted the mirror to the vertical window frame in between.

Final Product