-----Glam Fur Stools-----

I wanted to glam up my 3 Ikea Nils stools.


I taped off the legs and left about 1 ½” of the bottom of them exposed and spray painted them gold.

I purchased 3- 18"x 18" Mongolian Fur Pillows at Target. I cut “X” on one side of the pillow, and removed the stuffing

laid the flaps open, placed the stools upside down on the shell

I pulled the flaps up and over the sides of the stool and used a staple gun to staple them to the inside of the stool  

I am very pleased with my glamorous white fur stools!

-------AK 47 Lamp-------

I fell in love with an AK 47 Lamp, but the cost was $300+!!

I decided to make my own!

I used an Ikea 18" Hemma lamp, an Airsoft "AK 47", and gold spray paint.

I dismantled the rifle and hollowed out the barrell

spray painted it gold

reassembled it around the lamp rod
I lucked out and found a black lamp shade with gold lining at Target "as is" for $10!

LOVEEEE the results!

----------Custom Counter Top & Storage-------------

I wanted to update and create more counter top area.

For this Expedit/ Lekman/ Linnmon hack I used the supplies pictured

I bought 2 Linnmon counter tops and sawed one of them to complete the desired length of 67” when joined together. I marked the actual expedit counter width (so once mounted it lays flush on top) and used 2 flat braces to join them together.

I then covered the merged counter tops in marble contact paper and secured the counter top to the expedit using 4 “L” braces at each corner at the front and back of the unit. To cover the silver “L” braces from showing on the front of the unit I simply used black electrical tape. Once the counter top was secured I used peel and stick marble finish floor tile on the top of the counter for a durable heat resistant counter surface. Being that there is a baseboard heater on the wall that the new counter will be in front of, I installed a total of 8 Flat "L" braces to the back of the unit to stop the Lekman boxes from sliding past the unit to the wall.

I covered the front of the Lekman boxes with the same Smart tiles I installed as the back splash in my kitchen. I used a box cutter to cut off any excess off the edges. I then used screw to poke a hole through the middle square opening of the Lekman and used fiberboard that I stacked and taped together as a spacer/washer for the Antique Brass knob pull.

I am beyond pleased with my new 
custom counter top and storage unit!

--------------- Eyesore No More! ----------------

To cover up the HIDEOUS built in AC unit in my living room wall I installed a KVARTAL panel bracket system and a large  poster.

I mounted the KVARTAL wall hardware and single track rail above the unit.

I ordered a large poster print, to be used as the “panel” with the KVARTAL top and bottom rail, and mounted it to the single track rail.

Now, whenever  the AC isn't in use I can slide the poster in front of it. 

It is a great graphic piece of art in addition to FINALLY getting rid of the eyesore! 

--------------- Malm Hack ----------------

 I wanted to customize the Malm units so I ordered the "Caci" overlay from  O'verlays and “diamond” knobs from Amazon for them. The possibilities for this are endless!

Knob Patterns

Silver Overlays

Black Overlays

I had many scenarios, as you can see, but chose the one below.

I spray painted the overlays black and glued them to the top drawers of the units


I made a paper templates for the knob pattern for easy replication, and  used a small drill bit and drilled the holes into the drawer fronts and attached the knobs.

I am very pleased with my "custom" Malm pieces!

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------------------ Head Board ------------------

I used 5 Ung Drills to make this “headboard”

I used 3 to frame same fabric as comforter and cut the other 2 for the surrounding pieces.

 I cut 1 in a “+” pattern (vertically in half, then again horizontally) for 4 small pieces , and the other in a “Y” pattern for the other 3. 

 I hung the 3 frames over the bed, the middle one upside down, and placed the other pieces around it as pictured below.

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------------------ LACK of storage ------------------

I needed a dresser for my Son's room and we were in serious need of storage in the upstairs hallway (since I converted my linen closet into a shoe closet

I converted 4 Lack shelving units and16 Ikea Vessla StorageCrates into 2 "dressers"

I stacked the 2 lack shelves horizontally and connected them with the 3 flat metal brackets.

I removed the wheels off the Vessla crates and used the Dremel rotary tool with the metal cutting wheel attachment, and cut off all the raised portions on the bottom of the crate so it would be completely flush.


I inserted all the crates in to the opening and they are a perfect fit! Voila- 2 new dressers!

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---------- LACK STORAGE BENCH------------

I decided to update my hallway so I converted my Lack Storage unit into a seating bench.

First I removed the top panel and inner shelf dividers. 
I left the bottom panel attached to the lower unit.

I made "doors" to cover the front openings out of Fiberboard, painted them white, and attached them  using self closing cabinet hinges.


 I then laid the fabric face down over the bench
 used 1/2" thick foam padding and folded it over so there were 4 layers

I laid the original top panel of the unit over it all

stretched the fabric up and over the edges, and used a staple gun to attach them to the panel

I flipped it over and aligned it with the base.

Since the opening in the back can be seen from the stairwell, I stapled fabric to cover it up

Added some decorative pillows.... DONE!

------------------ Nail Head Art ------------------

My Sister wanted a framed contemporary art for the living room of her 1st apartment.

I searched online and found this picture and ordered poster size print.

I had an old black frame in my garage to frame it with, but it was just too plain so I went to the dollar store and bought a box of thumb tacks and used a hammer to nail them into the frame. 

The total cost came out the $13, and my sister lived her new art piece.

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------------------ Closet Hacks------------------

....and then there was Light!

I added a Light Socket 2-Tap Converter adapter into closet light socket and plug in Ikea Hemma cord set to illuminate lower part of closet

Now I can see all the shoes and boots easily!

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