Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Custom Kitchen Counter Top and Storage

I wanted to update and create more counter top area.

For this Expedit/ Lekman/ Linnmon hack I used the supplies pictured

I bought 2 Linnmon counter tops and sawed one of them to complete the desired length of 67” when joined together. I marked the actual expedit counter width (so once mounted it lays flush on top) and used 2 flat braces to join them together.

I then covered the merged counter tops in marble contact paper and secured the counter top to the expedit using 4 “L” braces at each corner at the front and back of the unit. To cover the silver “L” braces from showing on the front of the unit I simply used black electrical tape. Once the counter top was secured I used peel and stick marble finish floor tile on the top of the counter for a durable heat resistant counter surface. Being that there is a baseboard heater on the wall that the new counter will be in front of, I installed a total of 8 Flat "L" braces to the back of the unit to stop the Lekman boxes from sliding past the unit to the wall.

I covered the front of the Lekman boxes with the same Smart tiles I installed as the back splash in my kitchen. I used a box cutter to cut off any excess off the edges. I then used screw to poke a hole through the middle square opening of the Lekman and used fiberboard that I stacked and taped together as a spacer/washer for the Antique Brass knob pull.

I am beyond pleased with my new 
custom counter top and storage unit!


  1. So pretty! I could even use these in my self storage units Omaha for storing my smaller knick knacks and stuff.

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