Thursday, September 17, 2015

Updated cabinets

I have to 2 shelving units in my “Blue room” that we use to store random items.

 I decided it was time to add some doors to cover some of the clutter within and add visual interest.

Supplies Used

I used high density fiber board instead of wood because it is lighter and less expensive.

I measured all odd shaped outlines of the shelving unit’s compartments and used a ruler to draw the pattern on the fiber board.

My husband cut out all the “doors” using a circular saw

Once I had all the pieces I painted them black (2 coats)

Once they were completely dry, I used masking/painters tape and made in random line patterns

Then painted them white (2 coats)

I pulled off the tape, and then painted all the edges black.

I used screwed in the self-closing flush cabinet hinges to doors

and then mount the doors to the interior of the cabinet

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