Sunday, April 30, 2017

Lorenzo's Bedroom 2017 Update

My son's room (roughly 9 ½ x 10), has a queen sized bed, closet desk, some storage stools, and 2 horizontally stacked lack units with bins as his clothing storage. Gray walls, and Blue and Green accent colors. 

I sat down with him and asked what he wanted to update:

-Dark Gray walls
-More clothing storage, with traditional sized drawers, without sacrificing floor space and his queen sized bed.
-Graffiti and urban decor

We made a vision board

We painted all the walls a dark gray and all the trim a bright white. I purchased a queen platform bed with 12 standard sized drawers in the base that provides ample storage, and placed the head of the bed on the largest wall with a large graffiti mural over it. 

For additional storage and "night stands" we used a total of 12 Ikea Trones storage units around the walls and flanking the bed and placed fiberboard that I cut and painted white, on top of it to serve as a counter tops. We mounted the floating shelves on both walls perpendicular to the graffiti mural. I painted the door black and mounted a mirror and over the door basketball hoop.

We painted the closet desk walls all black, and added turntable decals to the custom built desktop. For lighting I hung string lights around the inner door frame and ceiling of the closet, along with a desk lamp, and mounted the TV on that wall over the desk. I purchased a black leather and chrome bench for seating and shoe storage, and place the drum set in the corner to the left of the desk.
 I used a pleated window shade that allows light to filter through.



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