Monday, November 24, 2014

Master Bedroom Update

It was time to update our Master Bedroom!

 Floor Plan

 After 5 years it was beginning to feel dated and we had a serious lack of clothing storage. Our bedroom (13 ½  x 11) has a large window across, and a closet door to the left of the entry door, leaving one wall to center the bed.  The current arrangement we had only allowed for our king sized bed and 2 small nights stands on either side, and 2 Ikea lack shelving units stacked horizontally across from the bed.

New Floor Plan

For my new plan I decided to place the bed along the windows in order to accommodate 7(!) additional Ikea Malm storage units: 2- 2 drawer chests, 2-4 drawer chests, 1-3 drawer chest, 1- 6 drawer chest, and 1- 6 drawer dresser. I arranged the 2- 4 drawer chests, with the 6 drawer chest between them, along the wall that the closet door is. I put the 3 drawer chest & 6 drawer dresser under the TV along the wall that the entry door is on, and across from that the bed and 2- 2 drawer chests as night stands. Being that the bed could not be centered with the window, and our Ikea Malm bed has such a low headboard, I hung up drapes from the ceiling to floor, behind the bed to create the illusion of a headboard and that the bed was centered.

I wanted the room to be Romantic and  Glamorous.                                                                                                                                                      

I created the vision boards below:

 I wanted to customize the Malm units so I ordered the "Caci" overlay from  O'verlays and “diamond” knobs from Amazon for them. The possibilities for this are endless!

Knob Patterns

Silver Overlays

Black Overlays

I had many scenarios, as you can see, but chose the one below.

I spray painted the overlays black and glued them to the top drawers of the units, and attached the knobs to the rest of the drawers.

The night stands are bit small so I rigged Ikea Knappa Pendant lamps over them and ran the cords behind the curtains, and attached Ikea Dimma dimmer switches to them. 

I already had 2 Ikea Ung Drill frames from my previous "headboard" , so I painted them metallic silver to flank the TV. 

Below are the results and I am VERY pleased!


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