Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Switcharoo!

My children wanted to update their bedrooms, and after about 4 years since moving in I agreed (plus I LOVE interior design, so I didn’t need convincing!) Not only did they want new rooms, but they wanted to switch bedrooms!

My son, Lorenzo, had the smaller room (roughly 7  x 11 ) with a large window, double sliding door closet, and the entry door all on different walls. Being that the room is so small, and has little wall space for furniture to work with; I put a twin loft bed in there in order to accommodate room for the rest of his storage and make the room feel more spacious. Under the loft bed I was able to have a desk, chair, and 2 Ikea Malm chests (3 drawer and 2 drawer). Along the wall with the window I placed 3 Ikea Lack shelveing units (2 horizontally and 1 vertically), and on the wall across the bed I placed 3 storage ottomans which added additional seating. My son enjoyed his room for years but he was ready for a change!

My daughter, Sabrina,  had the larger room (roughly 9 ½ x 10). She had a Disney Princess themed room with a castle bed and all. She had a wardrobe, large dresser, Castle loft bed with slide, and a whole bunch of toys.I removed the sliding doors and stored the wardrobe in the closet, and arranged the rest of the furniture to best accommodate her toys and other play furniture. She loved the room for years, but had now out grown it. She wanted to get rid of the Princess stuff and have a “Big girl” room.

I sat down with them both and asked what they wanted in their new rooms:

Lorenzo: A Larger bed, a nice desk area, a Flat screen TV with a Roku player, Gray walls, and Blue and Green accent colors. I created these Vision Boards with him:


Floor Plan

Original elevation plan

Final elevation draft

Final results

Sabby: A Daybed, a Flat screen TV with a Roku player, a desk, Paisley prints, Turquoise walls and bright colord accents. I created these Vision Boards with her:

Floor Plan

Elevation Draft


Final results

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