Monday, November 10, 2014

Shoes Galore!

This is the story of MY LIFE!

I have an abundance of shoes and purses with a HUGE deficit in storage.  

I decided to take over my Linen closet and convert it into my own shoe closet.The closet is compact (2x2) so I needed to utilize every inch of space.

I purchased 3- 4 tier expandable shoe racks for the back wall (64 pairs total) and 1 – 12 tier “Over-the-Door”Shoe Rack for the adjacent wall  (36 pairs total).  So now with100 pairs of shoes on the walls and out of the way, I was able to store an additional 17 pairs under and on the floor of the closet.

To store my clutches I purchased an “Over-the-Door” Handbags-and-Purses organizer and hung them up on the inside of closet door.

On the last wall I nailed up 2 thin ropes horizontally and picture hangers for the bottom row, and hung up all my belts.

This only took care of 117 pairs of my shoes and my clutches so all my boots, flats, sandals, and purses are still in my main closet, but I am still very pleased with my little shoe closet!

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